Why should I pay for sleeping in the wild? Nature belongs to everyone.

Every piece of land belongs to someone and it is illegal to camp on someone else's property without the consent of the owner. Although this doesn't seem to be the case, each camping to some extent 'wears out' and damages the property and there is a risk that some traces, garbage or other mess will remain after departure due to negligence or by mistake after each visit. If everyone suddenly bought a motorhome or a caravan, started driving around the country and stopped wherever they wanted in nature, free of charge and without restrictions, nature would quickly wither away. For this reason, it is necessary to remember that staying even on a secluded meadow has its value and is not available for free to everyone.

A piece of land, nature is the most valuable. Our service is not primarily about saving money at all costs. The service is designed for people who don't want to squeeze in crowded campsites. Yes, it is possible to “camp” maybe for free in the parking lot of a shopping centre or somewhere else more or less illegally without the opportunity to grill, pull out the awning and still worry about who will eject you. But to be in a beautiful place, almost or completely alone, to have the opportunity to talk to the owner, perhaps a local winemaker, who will let you taste the wine, is priceless in our opinion. And by paying him a respectable price, you will also encourage and motivate him to improve everything for you. Most of the properties also have only a limited capacity (intentionally), so some places are and will be very exclusive and are not intended for mass tourism. We don't want to destroy them! Even the price must proudly show this and it is clear that the Campu.eu service won't be for everyone and we don't want that.
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