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22.9 - 24.9. Josef say:
Nice quiet place. Recommended

14.9 - 17.9. Josef say:
Picturesque place, excellent facilities, nice owner but you have to take into account that you are in a village and sometimes there is work, geese honestly report that they get up in the morning😏 and since the land is shaded, it is cooler there.

22.9 - 24.9. Dalibor say:
Very nice place to camp, relax fishing . The owner is very nice and helpful and I recommend, we will definitely be back.

16.9 - 17.9. Jana say:
A wonderful weekend spent in this peaceful place. Great starting point for bike trips, but also access to everything you need in town. Owners great nice guys, advised where to hike in the area or where to fill your stomach well and tasty :)
We can definitely only recommend it and we hope to visit again!
Thank you!

24.9 - 25.9. Patricie say:
The place is beautiful and the host very nice. We didn't miss anything. Thank you ❤️

15.9 - 17.9. Pavel say:
Quiet and beautiful place. Perfectly landscaped garden, nice sitting by the pond. Total satisfaction, friendly owners 😉

22.9 - 24.9. Jaroslav say:
We were here for the third time and again everything was perfect. Super rest and in the pub good beer and friendly people. We will definitely come again. Thanks .

15.9 - 17.9. Jitka say:
Nice place, quiet for relaxation and for kids to go crazy. We were already the second time, the owner is constantly improving the place.

22.9 - 24.9. Ondřej say:
We have come repeatedly and we like this stellplatz. The pub by the river /when open/ is great and you can get to the other side by ferry. This time we visited the Ploskovice castle.

17.9 - 18.9. Linda

17.9 - 18.9. Barbora say:
Beautiful place among vineyards, excellent facilities. The only thing that disturbed the impression was the air cannons for the starlings, but that's understandable :)

23.9 - 24.9. Lukáš say:
Beautiful and quiet place near the forest.Everything needed for rent.

21.9 - 25.9. Jan say:
The only reminders of civilization are the sounds of cars from the nearby road. Otherwise, silence, green, horses in the distance and nearby, a beautiful place by the water with reeds. Two benches and a table. At night, total darkness. You can see birds of prey, herons. Possibility of an open fire. Toitoi about 200m away, shower, cold water. Can use electricity to charge powerbanks. Even without electricity you can do without :)

17.9 - 18.9. Tomáš say:
Nice, quiet place. You can see that the owners take care of the land. We will definitely visit again.

22.9 - 24.9. Marek say:
Total satisfaction everything met our expectations.

22.9 - 23.9. Jan say:
The end of the world in a good way :-)
The land is well prepared, the driveway even after rain is absolutely no problem. A walk around Doubravka is worth it.

22.9 - 24.9. Oldřich say:
Absolute luxury! Great place, nothing was missing at all. The owner is very nice, the dog Henry is wonderful. We were given delicious brandy and a delicious homemade cake to welcome us. Perfect place, we will definitely be back. Thank you very much!

22.9 - 24.9. Jan say:
We were here for the second time, again a beautiful, quiet place without civilization. Only more like this.

16.9 - 17.9. Kami say:
Maybe we are too demanding campers, but the noise from the train was unpleasant, especially in the evening. And unfortunately the place didn't impress us either - fields, water reservoir, houses.

What we rate super is the owner. Very nice, he brought and cut wood for us, really great. If only he could divert trains, we would give 4 stars:)

22.9 - 24.9. Jindřiška say:
Have a nice weekend. We really relaxed, the site clean, tidy. The fencing of the property is a great asset for dog owners. Super access to the river and that divine tranquility. Thank you and we will definitely come again

23.9 - 24.9. David say:
Beautiful, clean and well maintained property. The communication with the owner was absolutely fine, the gentleman came to wish us a nice stay and told us where to find what. We camped in a place where our 4 loud kids could fly and scream and it didn't bother anyone. Large playground and 2 fire pits as a bonus. Amazing sunrise and sunset. Thank you so much.

19.9 - 21.9. Jaroslav say:
Quiet location, fireplace with table and seating, prepared wood.
Good starting point for climbing Milešovka.

12.9 - 13.9. Václav say:

22.9 - 24.9. Rudolf say:
Absolute satisfaction beautiful land by the river, quiet and clean sanitary facilities . Hot water, shower. We will be happy to return

12.9 - 14.9. Jan say:
Beautiful location, peace, quiet and privacy, perfect communication with the owner

23.9 - 24.9. Jiří say:
Calm, silence, only meadows and forests around. Comfortable stay on a fenced plot. Mowed, well-kept land with almost complete privacy. Fireplace, seating, electricity. The lady is very nice, very helpful. I think we'll definitely be back.

15.9 - 17.9. Marek say:
Fantastic place. Beautifully landscaped, lots of nice little details. You can see the owner really has a feel for it. Plus he is very helpful, and even though we arrived after dark, he had a fire ready before we could unpack. This saved us a romantic evening by the fire. We thank him very much for that.

There are lots of nice little things on the property. See how many painted stones you can find 😀.

If you want a delicious dinner, take the owner's advice. We especially recommend the delicious grilled ribs.

Just as others have mentioned here, you can hear the train at night. But in the morning, the birdsong will wake you up in return. And even though we had another family on the property, there was plenty of privacy.

14.9 - 17.9. Ondrej say:
We were at the old vineyard for the second time and again I will repeat myself, very nice place, quiet even in the middle of the bourbon season, and as one previous commenter wrote you feel like somewhere on the savannah with only nature, smells and sounds around :)

22.9 - 24.9. Petr say:
The land was neatly mowed on our arrival, there is electricity, water and a sink for the toilet cassette. Nice lady owner. The children were looking forward to seeing the owner's dogs, but they stayed at home, so we were kept company by a kitten from the neighbours :) From the surroundings we can recommend the Holské rybníky nature trail, Chleby Zoo and Bučický mill, where we had a good lunch (just bring cash, they don't take cards). We can highly recommend the land..It was a great relaxation.

22.9 - 24.9. Dana say:
Beautiful place. When you arrive in the evening, the illuminated Jested shines above it. In the morning the view into the distance, where Bezdězy, Ralsko and other hills stand out above the autumn inversion. The place is quiet, deer are grazing around. Ideal for hiking. Pleasant and friendly owner. What more could you want?

23.9 - 24.9. Romana say:
Beautiful place, quiet, sunset 🥰

23.9 - 24.9. Ladislav say:
Very nice and nicely furnished plot. In the vicinity of a lot of possibilities for a trip both by bike and on foot. The owner informed us about what she didn't need so I give her 👍👍👍🙂 .

23.9 - 24.9. Tereza say:
Amazing owners, absolutely great place. We were with the kids and we will definitely come again - a wonderful experience, thank you.

20.9 - 22.9. Michaela say:
Great location with amazing views on all sides. Mrs. Dasha very helpful with everything.
We enjoyed our stay. I just don't know if we were standing too close to the transmitters, but we couldn't get anything at all every evening.
Otherwise, the toilet and shower facilities super!!! Greetings Buci

22.9 - 24.9. Hana say:
Very nice owners, in advance we received and information about events held near...

22.9 - 24.9. Lukáš say:
Beautiful quiet place for a weekend camping with the family. Lots of excursions nearby. Very nice people. Thank you.

22.9 - 24.9. Zuzana say:
Large plot - flat, mowed, fireplace with skewers for grills and axe, water and electricity very conveniently available. Nearby perfect hike to footgolf Anička - about 3km walk. We really enjoyed it. It is essential to read properly the directions to the property.

22.9 - 24.9. Martina say:
Amazing place, amazing people.Thank you. It is beautiful to see things being done with love.We enjoyed our stay.We recommend it to everyone.❤❤❤❤❤

23.9 - 24.9. Dominik say:
Very beautiful place and nice walk in the surroundings.
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