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24.2 - 25.2. Veronika say:
Nice place, thank you

2.3 - 3.3. Václav say:
Large, nice and easily accessible plot. The lot was quiet despite the main drag being in sight. The deal with the owner was absolutely no problem, I can definitely recommend.

2.3 - 3.3. Jiří say:
Beautiful place , excellent communication with the owners, we will be happy to return.

2.3 - 3.3. Aneta say:
It didn't work out with the sun, but the view was still worth it.

29.2 - 3.3. Lukáš say:
A great long weekend in a place where you really have privacy. We didn't miss anything here and if we did the owner is very helpful and nothing should be a problem. We recommend it to everyone.

1.3 - 3.3. Tomáš say:
Something amazing something you have to experience with a motorhome total freedom thank you very much and we recommend to everyone

2.3 - 3.3. Michal say:
Access without problems, the land is large, we arrived after the rain, so a little softer and here and there mud, but nothing that could not be survived. Absolute peace and darkness. A few cottages and houses around, but just so we don't feel like we're completely alone, although practically it is :)

2.3 - 3.3. Lukáš say:
Wonderful place, very nice owners, children enjoyed the animals very much

29.2 - 2.3. Martin say:
Very nice location and quiet. The land was a bit more promaceny, but eventually we found the place. What we would also like at the end of February. Owner very helpful, water electricity within easy reach. The only problem is the leach field. Would recommend for fisherman, son enjoyed it.

1.3 - 2.3. Lukáš say:
Quiet place, beautiful forest around for cycling or hiking, the approach to the meadow is slightly sloping, we preferred to stay on the paved part

23.2 - 25.2. Viktor say:
Great place if you want to park in Prague. Parking for the more experienced.

23.2 - 25.2. Erik say:
I definitely recommend it and would be happy to visit again.
The cottage is spacious, bright and clean. The owner has taken the time to carefully equip the cottage with all the necessary equipment for food preparation, emergency non-perishable food, toiletries and light sources (candles, torches). Suitable for a hassle-free time (nice books!). The area around the cabin is in the process of being landscaped, the forest there has probably gone through a rough patch. The region is worth visiting.

25.2 - 28.2. Kateřina say:
This cottage is a wonderful retreat for those seeking peace and quiet. The superbly equipped cottage offers a luxurious sauna, a cosy fireplace and a magical forest bath. Every detail has been carefully thought out, ensuring an unforgettable stay in the heart of nature.

26.2 - 28.2. Marcela say:
Nice quiet place very nicely maintained by the owner, ideal for trips to the beautiful surrounding countryside. Clean and funny bathhouse and running water around the corner 🙂

24.2 - 25.2. Stanislav say:
Pleasant hosts. Picturesque place. Despite the fact that we camped here in February, it did not change the magical atmosphere. Everything was well maintained and clean. Part of the property - although more off to the side and out of sight - is the house of the owners, who may or may not be here :) you can only use the sauna in their presence.

27.2 - 28.2. Tomáš say:
Nice place secluded from people. Good space for parking. Near the highway, but I could hardly hear them in the car at night. Slept well. Highway nearby makes the place a great stop for an overnight stay - unless you're also going fishing :) With the owners super communication. Thanks and will definitely consider when I drive by sometime.

25.2 - 27.2. Daniela say:
The land is even nicer than it was 😊

23.2 - 25.2. Miloš say:
Spacious and quiet place, only a few fishermen passed by during the day. The owner was very helpful, he explained everything to us on arrival. In case of rainy weather you can camp on any other place with a solid ground. Lots of possibilities for excursions in the area. We were very happy here and can only recommend it.

23.2 - 25.2. Zdenek say:
There is a bus stop a short walk away and a train stop a little further - it makes for great trips around the area.

17.2 - 24.2. Petr say:
A quiet place in the forest a short distance from the Ohře River which is ideal for cooling down after a sauna or just to sit on the shore and contemplate. The outdoor bath is also a great experience not only for children. I can only recommend it.

24.2 - 25.2. Tom say:
Awesome camping,owner nice,we agreed on everything that was promised, I can only recommend ☺️ we had the whole garden to ourselves 😁

25.2 - 26.2. Martina say:
In February, a nice place in a secluded spot by a pond, great relaxation and peace. The municipal access road is past its best, be prepared for its deterioration. Thank you very much for the overnight stay.

9.2 - 11.2. Henrieta & Pavel say:
Great accommodation in a beautiful, quiet environment.

24.2 - 25.2. Tomáš say:
Communication with the owner and service seamless.

23.2 - 25.2. Hana say:
Beautiful place, beautiful accommodation with everything one needs. Excellent communication with the owner. Bathroom only for the skinny. Only the rooster and the sheep in the neighbourhood disturbed the silence.

21.2 - 25.2. Věra say:
Pleasant helpful owners ❣️

23.2 - 24.2. Pavel say:
For us a divine place on the very edge of the village, a perfect place for a cottage on bikes. Surroundings great. After one night we wanted to move on but preferred to stay until Sunday 😀

24.2 - 25.2. Jan say:
Nice, quiet place by the horses. Everything you could need is there. Very nice lady owner, the children rode the horses and were very satisfied.

24.2 - 25.2. Martina say:
Beautiful quiet place with nice people. Water, woods, great. Thank you very much for the night and have a good time.

24.2 - 25.2. Radek say:
The land is easily accessible by a gravel road. Beautiful location with a view of Lysá hora. On the plot fireplace, drinking water from the well and electricity. Available for a voluntary contribution and wood that has been prepared. By the fireplace seating and table. For us a great experience in a great place.

23.2 - 25.2. Eva say:
There are several houses around, but it is very quiet. Close to the forest with the possibility of trips by bike and on foot. Nice and helpful owners.

24.2 - 25.2. Adam

23.2 - 25.2. Michal say:
Super place - silence, solitude and beautiful surroundings. Thank you for a wonderful weekend❤

23.2 - 24.2. Martina say:
Very nice quiet, peaceful, fenced plot on the outskirts of the village. All around beautiful nature of the Bohemian Forest. Full service for motorhomes/caravans available in season. Thank you very much for the overnight stay and may you prosper.

23.2 - 24.2. Tomas say:
Great place. Super privacy. Super barrel with hot tub. Communication was great.

23.2 - 24.2. Lukáš say:
Village atmosphere, beautiful view of the castle, my daughter really enjoyed the farm animals

9.2 - 11.2. Tomáš say:
A cosy, well-equipped caravan, surrounded by nature.

22.2 - 23.2. Prokop say:
Great accommodation, beautiful surroundings, helpfulness of the owners and friendliness at the highest level. As a bonus, a friendly dog.

22.2 - 23.2. Martin say:

The land offered an ideal level site for a dwelling, electricity connection within 10 metres and a very nice dry toilet. In wet weather the land is a bit muddy at the bottom. Overall, we were satisfied.
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