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9.7 - 10.7. Ivana say:
It's really a very nicely maintained place, just like the photos. Each campsite has its own fire pit and seating area, and what is invaluable in the summer heat is plenty of shade. We chose the most shady spot, and had a pleasant time there all day. In addition, there are also plenty of sunny spots, such as the large mown meadow by the drive, which is part of the property. It is flat and excellent for various sports games. The whole property is fenced and locked with a key. From the footpath leading just outside the fence you can only see the meadow, but not to the tents, so there is plenty of privacy. It's also perfect for someone who doesn't want to be completely in the middle of nowhere, which was the case for us this time, as I had some of my family with me who hadn't tried camping yet and were a little apprehensive about the more remote sites. Just across the creek that runs through the property are the barracks. It's the end of the Zákupy. Thanks to the trees, you can't see it, but those looking for absolute peace and quiet can hear the bushwhacking in the mornings, just like us, and you can also hear the road that leads there. Fortunately it is a little over the horizon, so cars can't be heard, but the trucks that often pass through here can be heard a little. They're probably going to the nearby warehouses. It bothered me personally, but the rest of the family didn't notice it at all. It's quiet after work hours, though, and it's quiet at night. The owner showed us the way to the property and waited for us with his car a short distance away, which was good because I certainly wouldn't have ventured out on the hiking trail by myself. The path takes about three minutes to walk along, it's narrow but gravelled, then a bit of woodland and then a bit on grass. At one point there is a very tight bend in the sloping terrain, but it was all surprisingly easy to navigate, even in the wet after a torrential downpour, although the final section on the grass was slippery up the hill and I had a hard time. I don't think I could have picked a better first no camp, we all loved it.

13.7 - 14.7. Jitka say:
It was the second time we went, this time we left the marquee to our friends and slept in a tent on the other property. My friends just said that in the rain the marquee was quite noisy. Otherwise everything was fine. The property is nice, perfect for stays with dogs and children. Covered seating area a big advantage. With the owner excellent communication. We would love to come again.

13.7 - 14.7. Jitka say:
Everything was fine, we were already the second time. With the owner is excellent communication.

15.7 - 17.7. Antonín say:
This plot is not for everyone. It's special. It is suitable for lovers of peace and good beer. The owner is a passionate beer lover. He can advise you where to go, where to go and what to visit. If you want peace and quiet, come here. You can have good beer and food. We recommend it with all ten.

17.7 - 18.7. Filip say:
Beautiful quiet, clean place. Water refilled. Say hello to the owner and then park.

11.7 - 12.7. Leoš say:
Absolutely fantastic place, very accommodating and helpful owner.

10.7 - 11.7. Leoš say:
A freshly mowed patch with a fire pit. Friendly owner.

13.7 - 14.7. Tomas say:
nice stop on the way to Croatia - good facilities, nice hosts. Attention, entrance to the spa is only until 15:00.

8.7 - 10.7. michal say:
Great place. Quiet, clean everything ok. Super communication with the owner. Next to the pub. Great we will come to determine again.

12.7 - 14.7. Pavel say:
So we camped here for the second time and again SUPER. The owner is friendly and helpful, there is a children's playground and a children's corner in the pub. Beautiful camping with children, thank you very much and definitely recommend to everyone.

8.7 - 11.7. Vít say:
It was our first experience with no Kemp and we were satisfied. Everything that was advertised was actually on site as well.

13.7 - 18.7. Jan say:
Highly recommended! A very quiet and beautiful place with the comfort of a shower, running water and a well-equipped kitchen. Sleeping is very comfortable. Mr. owner is helpful and kind. We didn't miss anything here and would love to return. Thank you

14.7 - 18.7. Adéla say:
We had a great time, both adults, child and dog! Beautiful location, admittedly right next to the campsite, but an advantage for us through the bathroom facilities and access to drinking water. Otherwise we had peace and quiet, a nice view down to the pond and plenty of privacy. Small rope park,trampoline and swings absolutely super. In the evenings mice were running around on the lawn, sometimes in and out of the teepee, so anyone who is scared, it's not for them 😃 Mosquitoes and wasps were, but that's normal in summer anywhere. The sheep next door in the pen were quiet and orderly. All in all everything was great, thank you so much and we would love to come back again 😊

6.7 - 7.7. Aleš say:
The garden is nice, quiet, well-kept. Toilets clean. Problematic grey water discharge. Other things like electricity, clean water refills and chemical toilet maintenance no problems.

17.7 - 18.7. Natálie say:
It's a beautiful, peaceful place. Nicely away from the people. The driveway is a bit of an adrenaline rush when you're on motorbikes, but it's easy to get down :-) Great place!

15.7 - 16.7. Aleš say:
Lovely site, quiet on edge of village, good access for caravans, owner helpful,

10.7 - 11.7. Jana say:
We were already last year, this year for the second time and again everything was great as last year. :) Thank you!!

13.7 - 16.7. Magdaléna say:
We spent three very nice summer days here. Everything on the property is fine, maybe just the fridge could be bigger (we used ours in the car, but if we needed the one in the cottage, we wouldn't fit in there with other campers). The owner is very helpful and accommodating. We also appreciated the proximity to the train station. The place is pretty quiet, except for a little disturbance in the form of planes coming in and a train going by, but it didn't disturb us too much. The possibility of swimming in the river behind the property was great on hot days. We really enjoyed the place and would love to return again.

10.7 - 11.7. Vlastimil say:
Beautiful clean quiet place. And the view. It's a perfect starting point for excursions. Definitely go to Kašperk, but in the morning. It's very crowded then. They have an interesting interactive video projection of the room and the subsequent castle fire. Very interesting.Right next to the parking lot is a restaurant where we can eat at reasonable prices. Next, travel to the menhirs (energy stones). We recommend to take the car on the way to Javornik is a moonstone and then leave the car in Javornik and go I guess on the blue. On the way there is Kosterman's lookout tower with incredible views. And along the way the perfect nature and the Royal Stone are worth it.

14.7 - 17.7. Markéta say:
This was the fourth time this year that my family and I had a rest in the lavender field. Again great satisfaction!!! We like that the owner keeps the number of guests on a low limit, so we had enough space for ourselves. The weather worked out for us too, what more could you ask for.

17.7 - 18.7. Frank say:
Absolutely amazing view, you feel far away from everyone else. The outhouse is a great addition, although the last people before us didn't clean up after themselves. The camping spots are on a pretty hefty slope, but doable.

17.7 - 18.7. Luděk say:
Beautiful accommodation in a meadow near a family house with kind and caring hosts. Around beautiful nature and view of Skalica. The meadow is also comfortable for camping.

14.7 - 17.7. Miloš say:
The plot is spacious. Owner very accommodating. Everything went as it should. Great satisfaction

15.7 - 18.7. Petr say:
Beautiful land, ideal starting point for bike tours. Friendly owner. Recommended.

14.7 - 15.7. Roman say:
Everything went as expected the place matches the description

17.7 - 18.7. Adam say:
Beautiful area, quiet from afternoon to morning

12.7 - 14.7. Pavlína say:
I highly recommend this place to everyone.Absolutely amazing peace and quiet to relax and swim. We had a great time with the kids and as an added bonus I caught a big grass carp :) The owner is a very helpful, friendly gentleman. We will definitely love to come back :)

8.7 - 10.7. Michaela say:
Recommended :)

5.7 - 7.7. Jakub say:
We were very satisfied. The place was beautiful, the lawn was well maintained, the facilities of the marquee with toilet were available as expected. The children had a great time on the sand dune, they experienced cooking in the eschus again after some time, roasting on the fire, sleeping in the tent and under the open air. The nearby road did not disturb us, it is quiet and it is very pleasant to use the pergola by the marquee, which is equipped with a kitchen, among other things, from the harsh sun.

15.7 - 16.7. Robert say:
Very nice place with nice owners.

15.7 - 17.7. Petr say:
Communication with the owners is excellent, the place is quiet, nearby, about 15km, Moravičanské lake, excellent swimming.

16.7 - 17.7. Vladislav say:
Very friendly owners and beautiful well maintained grounds. The peace and quiet we were looking for we found. For us 100% 💪😉

7.7 - 13.7. Jana say:
The cottage is beautiful and modern. Perfect combination of staying in nature with amazing facilities. For me it was wonderful how green it is all around from the terrace, perfect for a break from the computer. There are mature trees by the cottage so you can always find a place to rest in the shade at will.

16.7 - 17.7. Dorota say:
Beautiful place, everything clean and ready to stay ❤️

1.7 - 2.7. Luděk say:
Beautiful place, nice owners. It's definitely a 5 star place, but we can't objectively rate all the services because they weren't necessary... As for the excursions, absolutely perfect! We will definitely come again!

2.7 - 3.7. Luděk say:
A cool, quiet place. Fine owners with absolutely perfect arrangements and immediate confirmation of booking. My only complaint is about my equipment as I forgot the 3/4 water hook up. Will definitely visit again in the future...

9.7 - 10.7. Veronika say:
There was no pond, just a muddy puddle, but that's not why we chose the place. We were pleased with the privacy on the outskirts of the village and the on-site service, including the opportunity to build a fire, which we did not end up using. Perhaps it would have protected us from the onslaught of chromis after sunset, but that's just something you have to reckon with on a trip like this. The land is perhaps not suitable for a curious dog like ours, but that's nothing we couldn't solve :) We were then very pleasantly surprised by an unplanned trip to the Broumov Rocks instead of the sold-out Adršpach - the hiking trails above Slavny offer a pleasant walk without crowds. We recommend.

16.7 - 17.7. Ondřej say:
Beautiful and quiet place.

8.7 - 9.7. Veronika say:
We liked the property. We found it without any problems and we would get used to the service it provides quickly. We especially appreciated the ability to take a shower after a day in the surrounding rock towns. The hot summer days took a bit of a toll on the dry toilet, but there is so much space on the property that there is no need to be "annoyed" by it :) The land is sloping in most places, but we managed to solve that with the caravan pit and the wedges we carry. We really appreciate the helpful attitude of the other guests and the owner towards our curious dog.
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