Selected camps

Sometimes the boundary between a property and a small family camp is really very thin. We think it would be a shame not to show these places which also have their charm - genius loci - on our platform and not to allow you to book a place directly through our convenient system. Don't worry, there is still a wild camper's soul in our DNA, so even these places are small, quiet and we know the owners well.

Selected places

Green OstOff

You're gonna shut it down. It's divine tranquility, but at the same time a short walk from civilization. There are fields and forests all around. The deer say good night. You can come here with a cara...
22.18 €
10.08 €

At the Vltava Canal in Zelčín Zoopark

Mini-camp with direct view of the animal enclosures and paddocks in the Zelčín Zoopark, close to the Vltava Lateral Navigation Canal. Your closest neighbours will be Nanda pampas, Mary Steppe and min...
32.67 €
32.67 €

The Old Bell Tower, Malužiná

Mini camp Stará Zvonica is a newly built complex in the picturesque surroundings of Liptov, in a region where you will certainly not be bored. We offer you various ways to use your free time, whether ...
20 €

Caravan in Beskydy - with swimming pool and wellness

Seclusion in the woods with a lux. garden bathroom... we have purchased the Fendt Opal luxury caravan for those who are thinking of buying a caravan or motorhome. To experience living at an affordable...
76.19 €


Our land is located near Český Krumlov, about 2 km from the centre of Český Krumlov. It is located in a quiet area by the Vltava River, on one side it is surrounded by forest and on the other side by ...
16.13 €
10.08 €

Malý rodinný kemp

Ve stínu staletí starých dubů, na zelených terasách obklopených kamennými zdmi jsme vybudovali náš malý rodinný kemp, který předčí vaše očekávání. Budete ohromeni krásou místní krajiny, ráno vás prob...
22 €
22 €

At the Sobáčov Pond

Guaranteed PARKING spaces with a maximum of 4 spaces (no parking in fishing spots). With facilities toilet, showers, WIFI, electricity. There is a private pond for sport fishing (fishing spot must be ...
18.15 €
10.08 €

Beskydy - with swimming pool and wellness

In high season we offer stays from three nights minimum... The land is secluded in the forest, ideal for families with children and couples. It is a very quiet place, in the garden there is a heated s...
52.43 €

Tatranská lúka - Stará Lesná, High Tatras

Dear guests, friends, Leharists, we are looking forward to welcoming you back after the winter. A limited number of XL paved pitches are available to you. ON THE PLOTS: - connection to electricity (...
34 €
34 €

All places on the map

All places on the map

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