Rent your property to tourists and caravanners with good manners

Why leave your land or garden fallow? Let decent tourists stay there for a short time and pay you for it! No need to worry. You pay nothing, we pay you. You don't have to worry about anything, we take care of everything. It's completely risk-free, treading on dandelions is the worst that can happen.

Revoluční služba bezKempu spojuje cestovatelské duše

The revolutionary service unites travellers

Clients of our service are ‘ordinary’ people with the soul of a traveller. They like to get to know the beauty of the country, but they do not want to squeeze into crowded and noisy campsites. On the other hand, they are polite and do not want to sleep with their caravan or tent illegally on someone’s property. They will gladly pay for this peace of mind. To you – the owners of your beautiful property.

How does it work?

It’s simple. A tourist, who is usually the owner of a caravan, a motorhome or a tent, searches through our website for where they want to go. They will then see your property with the offer of legal overnight stays. They choose a date and order accommodation, as is the case with a hotel or other ‘booking’ services. You and the tourist will receive a confirmation email. Once the stay is completed, the relevant amount will be deducted from the tourist’s payment card and will be sent to the selected bank account, we will only charge a 20% fee for the operation of the service. You have online access to our system and thus an overview of everything and everything under control.

What do I get by registering at

  • a technologically sophisticated reservation system (which, among other things, saves you a lot of trouble and nerves)
  • new income (we will bring you paying customers)
  • great marketing ( can be seen everywhere)
  • decent guests ( users are a community that is not anonymous)
  • you don’t have to deal with electronic registry of sales (we process payments online)
  • we will pay Visa, Mastercard bank fees
  • contact with people (if you are in mood, you can meet new people and won’t be alone)
  • motivation to take care of the property (unused property finally makes sense)

Getting started

Register in our system. It is very simple and everything is explained during the registration. It is necessary for you to fill in the basic information about your property and, most importantly, insert photos. After that, we will check your profile and the offered property and we will contact you if anything needs to be added and help you complete the property profile. If all goes well, we will then approve the property for public listing on our website and you can expect your first guests.

What can I get by registering at

FAQ is a unique service on the market. It combines a complex and sophisticated reservation system together with a pleasant and simple operation and an active community of customers. Advantages for you:

  • certain income from your property or renting services and things
  • you don't have to worry about any complicated system, everything is under control
  • high transparency and simplicity
  • no time or financial obligations (you can terminate the cooperation at any time)
  • reservations through us will save you a lot of problems and nerves (e.g. you don't need electronic registration of sales)
  • you get only quality, verified and paying customers (people are rated and pay in advance)
  • excellent marketing (we invest in marketing for you)
  • VISA, Mastercard payment card support (we pay the fees for you)
  • support and continuous innovation
  • high website traffic and familiarity

In short, it pays off to be part of the network Our commissions are very moderate (20% properties, 10-25% other things) and we think that if you want to do this yourself, you will pay much more just for marketing.

If you already have your clients, will be worth it too, even at the price of our commission, because our system will significantly relieve your worries.

This is possible only if you have set the appropriate cooperation mode (e.g. if you are the owner of a stellplatz or guesthouse). It is not allowed to get round the system if the guest has apparently found your property on or contacted you first with a non-binding question and the intention of paying on the spot. In these cases, it is always necessary to refer guests to make a reservation on

We will explain it to you by example: Your client will come to you and you will provide them with a rental outside our system. Meanwhile, our customer makes a reservation for the same day on More customers can do it in the same way. Our system tries to maintain comfort and tranquillity on the property and the number of reservations is thus very limited. Therefore, when our customer arrives at your property where they expect a free spot according to our system and the reality will be different (because you have 'your' client there), our customer will be logically angry and the whole service will not work. You must have set up a cooperation mode so that the guest can anticipate that there may be guests outside the system on your property (which logically may also discourage them, but it is necessary to provide guests with true information about the property) - as there may be more guests on the property than is normal for properties or guests who don't adhere to the philosophy and have not agreed to the strict code of conduct of users regarding behaviour and quiet hours.
If you already have your clients, consider a suitable cooperation mode with, each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Of course, we don't want to bind you and if you have, for example, a large private event on the property, you can set the property unavailability for this period and thus solve this with ease. You will not receive reservations from us for this period.

If you get round our service, we are forced to block the account of property owner (or guest) and thus prevent further use of the services in the future. Thank you for your understanding and fair dealing. In addition to the benefits of the whole system, we will return the favour with loving care and support.

You pay nothing at all. No registration fees, no hidden fees, etc. We will present your property free of charge. Only if a paying guest - your client - stays on it, we will collect a 20% commission from the specified amount. You thus know how much you'll earn.

Clients of our service are generally decent people, often caravanners, who are people with emotional maturity (caravanning is not a cheap hobby) and so it is unlikely that they will make your property a base for a rave party. On the contrary, they run away from the hustle and bustle of standard campsites to tranquillity. Of course, people are different, so if you have a property and worry about possible negative effects, we always recommend using the opportunity to meet our clients in person, check them out and in case of doubt refuse their accommodation on your property. In addition, we have a system of evaluating both lessors and customers to make it even easier for you to eliminate any problems.

It depends on how popular and high-quality your offer will be. You set the price yourself. It also depends on the capacity of your property (you must not make it a campsite). One caravan can earn you e.g. CZK 200–500 (even more for exclusive places). Your earnings will also be affected by the season, weather, holidays, weekends, etc. It's ideal if there are some activities near your property for your clients (cycling, hiking, castles, skiing, swimming, activities for kids, etc.). Try to be friendly and helpful to your clients. They will repay you with their satisfaction, longer stays, they will come back and recommend you to their friends. In addition, there will also be reviews on our website for each offer. And your earnings will increase. Our great service can be interesting extra income, but also the main source of income.

As with the previous question, there are several factors - the exclusivity of your place, local competition (also in the form of campsites), the quality of your property, the possibilities of activities for tourists, the amenities and your hospitality and previous references. We recommend starting with a lower amount at the beginning and then you can increase the amount depending on the occupancy rate. In the registration you have the option of separate billing for a tent, a caravan and the number of people. There is also our recommendation for each item. We usually recommend a basic amount of around CZK 100–200 + fees per person (e.g. CZK 25).

We carefully select and consider what properties we offer to our clients. When registering, you have the opportunity to precisely define your property and its use. It makes a difference whether you allow a tent or a caravan on your property. Everyone has different demands. In the case of a caravan, it is necessary to have an access road that a regular passenger car can handle, as well as the opportunity to turn around on the property (caravan+car set). It is also necessary to have some paved flat area on the property. There should be no major source of noise or other disturbances around the property. It is good to clearly allocate a place on the property for our clients. The better your property is prepared, the more popular it will be and the more you can charge, e.g. if there is water, electricity, etc. available on the property.

Naturally, this would be great and you could charge more for your place. However, if this option is not on your property, it's not a problem, it can be solved in several ways:

1. Caravans and motorhomes have a chemical toilet inside so they don't need anything at all. The tank inside lasts about 3–5 days depending on the intensity of use. Usually, they won't be on your property any longer. If so, they must empty this tank. Of course, it is forbidden to empty it on your property. Caravanners know how to proceed, i.e. they usually use e.g. a petrol station.

2. If you allow accommodation in a tent on your property, it would be desirable for you to instruct guests how to proceed (and this should be stated in the description). There are more possibilities. Examples:
- make an arrangement with a nearby restaurant (they will certainly meet your needs, especially if they can get a customer)
- make an arrangement with your neighbours
- think about installing cheap and simple eco-friendly toilets not requiring any connection
Yes, it means extra worries and extra work, but if you provide this to guests, you can get paid for it.

No, you don't. You have the right to use and rent your property. Of course, as part of maintaining good relations with your neighbours, we recommend announcing this to them and assuring them that they don't have to worry about negative influences. Don't turn your property into a campsite! Our service is designed for occasional extra income. Everyone wants peace, neighbours, tourists and you, so it is in the interest of everyone that there are only a limited number of people on the property every day. Before the trip, each tourist is informed about how to behave, what is and is not allowed. In addition, every user of our system is evaluated at the end of their stay. As a result, most people are very polite and calm. They seek our service to escape the noise and chaos of standard campsites. You can also set your own restrictions in the terms and conditions (e.g. dog yes/no, fire prohibition, departure and arrival time, etc.). It's always about people and mutual respect and decency.

The assessment of the question whether you must have a trade license to leave the property for temporary use depends on the specific circumstances and the assessment of the competent administrative authority. In general, the distinguishing feature between rent (for which a trade licence is not required) and accommodation or accommodation service (for which a trade licence is required) is, among others, whether there are other services, such as cleaning, catering, changing bed sheets, etc. However, we recommend always consulting the question of whether you need the licence to let the property for temporary use with the relevant trade office.

In general, this fee is paid by persons who aren't registered in the municipality and who stay in this municipality for a fee for a maximum of 60 consecutive calendar days with an individual provider of stay. The basis of the fee for a stay is the number of days of the stay, except for the day of the beginning of the stay. The rate of the fee for a stay is a maximum of CZK 50. We recommend verifying the specific amount of the fee with the relevant municipality. The payer of the fee for a stay is the provider of the paid stay (the accommodation provider) who is obliged to collect the fee from the taxpayer – the accommodated person. The accommodation provider is also obliged to keep a record book in paper or electronic form, in which it records the day of the beginning and the day of the end of the stay, the name(s) and surname(s) of the accommodated person and theirs and the address of the place of registration or a similar place abroad, the date of birth, number and type of identity card of the accommodated person and the amount of the collected fee or the reason for exemption from the fee. Records in the book must be kept correctly, completely, conclusively, clearly, comprehensibly, in a way that guarantees the durability of the records and must be arranged successively from a temporal point of view. We recommend always checking the obligation to pay local fees with the relevant municipal authority or other competent local authority.

Income is usually subject to tax. If you are a non-businessman, you file a tax return every year (or your employer does it for you). This is where all the income comes in. It depends on what your total income is. Please consult your accountant or the person who processes your tax return. It is possible that after taking into account the statutory tax rebates, your tax liability will be zero.

You don't have to, everything takes place online at the time of making a reservation. The document for the tourist is the rental agreement, received automatically as soon as the reservation is confirmed.

Greywater is generated like in any home, e.g. by showering or washing hands or dishes. Greywater is therefore mostly harmless water, discharged by the caravan into a tank for this water in its bottom. Some caravans have an integrated tank (so you won't see it), others have a portable container, some people just put a bucket under their caravan. In any case, nothing should leak out of the caravan on your property. Most decent caravanners know this and won't dare. However, the tank will very soon fill with water and where to go with it? This is what every caravanner deals with and in order to choose your property, you need to help them with this. The best solution is to have a sewer or outlet on the property. If this is not possible, you can either prohibit the emptying of greywater on your property and surrounding area or allow it under certain conditions.

Usually, no one uses any aggressive chemical preparations in their caravans, but use eco-friendly preparations so greywater is harmless to nature and your property. What difference does it make if a person washes themselves with a garden hose outside or in the shower inside the caravan? It's the same water. You can therefore allow the greywater to be discharged somewhere on the edge of the property, e.g. to a bush, etc. However, it is always necessary to clearly inform caravanners that they must not use any chemical preparations, but only eco-friendly detergents.

If you don't have the possibility of an outlet and don't want to allow emptying on your property, it is good to inform the caravanners where they can empty such water nearby (e.g. the nearest sewer, etc.) or if the caravanners must take it with them (if their stay is about 2 days, the tank usually has enough capacity).

So in the settings of your property, under greywater, please describe with words how you deal with this issue on your property, e.g.
  • greywater outlet secured on the property (+ a description of where on the property to find a place for emptying the waste)
  • upon agreement, it is possible to empty on the property (only in the case of using eco-friendly detergents)
  • no outlet, emptying is prohibited - it must be taken with you
  • the nearest sewer is xx metres away, etc.

Again, the better you describe your property, the better your guests will feel and be motivated to come to you. Don't forget to fill in the Greywater option.

Each caravan is equipped with a chemical toilet. Thanks to this comfort, caravanners are very independent and don't need any toilet on your property and thus contribute to keeping the place clean. A chemical toilet is equipped with a removable tank in which there are chemicals that helps to decompose the contents while preventing odour. The emptying frequency depends on the intensity of use, the number of people and the size of this tank. It is enough for two days for some people and up to a week for others. The average is about 3 days. If you want to get more customers, it's great if you can help the caravanners in this matter. It is best if you have a drain on the property or around the house. It is good to have a water source with a hose near the drain to make it possible to rinse this tank with water after emptying the toilet.

No caravanner will dare to empty the toilet onto the property! Only the biggest pig can do that, not a real caravanner. To further clarify the situation, it is theoretically possible to empty the contents of the toilet into a dug hole in the ground in emergency cases during wild camping. The caravanner has the possibility to use either blue additive, which works very well, but it is strictly forbidden to empty it into nature or into wastewater treatment plants, etc. Or to use green additive, which works less well, but is eco-friendly. We try to motivate the users to use the green additive if they go to unknown places or places without a drain.

Either way, it's very important for caravanners to know in advance what they can and can't do with the chemical toilet on your property. By giving them this information, they can prepare for it in advance.

So indicate the following options in the settings: Chemical toilet solution:
  • drain for chemical toilet available (or specify which type of toilet additives are allowed)
  • chemical toilet can be emptied into the toilet in the house
  • no possibility to empty chemical toilet
  • possibilities of emptying the toilet nearby (highly recommended; please take the time and try to find the possibility of emptying the toilet nearby, e.g. a petrol station, etc. and describe it, it will be a great help for your guests)

Interested persons have the opportunity to send owners additional questions about the property. If you want to know information that is missing in the property description, you only need to send the interested person a message with the required information or you can add this information to the property description. You can also create an individual price offer from a non-binding inquiry.

However, if the interested person asks about the possibility of using the property or services beyond the regular offer (e.g. this person wants to come with more people than the capacity of the property), you have the opportunity to adjust the price to cover the interested person's requirements. It's up to you whether you agree to the request or not.

The price can be increased or reduced, e.g. if the guest is interested in a long-term rental with a more favourable price.

Note that in accordance with the general terms and conditions, all payments for renting the property must be made through the portal, it's not possible to agree on the payment in cash upon arrival. Thank you for your understanding.

Dear Property Owners,
Most of the income in the Czech Republic is subject to taxation, so you must also tax your income from property rental. We have prepared a guide in a simplified form on how to do it. It's not complicated at all.

Entrepreneur / self-employed person using the fixed rate expenses method:
As you use fixed rate expenses, you can ignore our commission invoices. Income for the calculation of income tax is the sum of the total rental amount, which includes our brokerage commission. The expense for you is not our issued invoice, but the fixed rate expenses.

Entrepreneur using the real expenses method:
You deduct our commission from your total rental income. The expense is the invoices issued by us for you. You tax the amount that came into your account.

Entrepreneur as a VAT payer:
Same as above. Regarding VAT. It is a lease of properties to natural persons, which is exempt from value added tax without right of deduction and will be indicated on row 50 of the VAT return.

Non-businessman, natural person:
For the purposes of income tax, the entire amount of the lease is always calculated, i.e. the amount credited to the account + commission. This is income under Section 9 of the Income Tax Act. Here the income can be exempted: a) If you have any additional income, the rental income (without deduction of our commission) will be exempt up to CZK 6,000 per year b) If your total income for the year is less than CZK 15,000, you won't be required to file a tax return.

Circumvention isn't worth it
Occasionally there are attempts to circumvent our service mainly by customers. Fortunately, you owners are decent and fair people and you report these attempts to us or refer customers to the need to use our platform to make a reservation. We appreciate it. We think that our commission is not that high to make it worth it. In addition, the comfort of the entire service and especially the marketing we provide to everyone is irreplaceable. We invest a lot of energy, time and money to provide you with the service and promote your property. Thanks to the service, you will have (and some of you already have) a constant supply of quality, paying customers.

Here we must emphasize that if you have set the appropriate cooperation mode, it is possible to receive guests outside the system (e.g. if you are the owner of a stellplatz and want to offer part of the capacity on It is not allowed to get round the system if the guest has apparently found your property on or contacted you first with a non-binding question and the intention of paying on the spot. In these cases, it is always necessary to refer guests to make a reservation on

If you get round our service, we are forced to block the property owner’s account (or guest) and thus prevent further use of the services in the future.

Besides other things, our service brings you these benefits:

  • perfect marketing (you get a constant supply of customers that would otherwise be difficult to get)
  • securing payments (you don't have to worry about processing payments by card or transfer)
  • you don't have to deal with electronic registry of sales (if you accepted cash, you would have to use it)
  • access to a pleasant and clear management system for reservations (you have an overview of dates and customers, so you don't have to deal with complex administration.
  • we regularly advertise the entire service and your property in the media
  • we're creating a large community of users, we're all in the same boat.

In order to make your guests feel comfortable and avoid any problems, we recommend that you prepare and maintain your property in addition to describing your property and adding photos.

In the property settings, describe the directions well so that your guests don't get lost. If you can handle it, set up the GPS well so that guests can come to you according to their navigation device. To make it easier for you, when setting up your property, just select exactly the point on the map and the GPS will be transferred automatically.

Pruning branches
Don't forget to keep your property or the access road to it passable for caravans and motorhomes. It concerns various branches or other obstacles. Keep in mind that a caravan can have a width of 2.5 m (and it needs to make a turn somewhere) and motorhomes can have a height of 3.2 m (we recommend cutting branches to a height of 3.5 m).

Flat surface
Caravanners prefer to place the caravan on a flat surface. So if you have the opportunity to create this area on your property, that will be great.

A weather change can complicate the situation on arrival and departure. We recommend to roughen the places where the caravan moves using gravel or other material. Pay attention to various ramps, potholes, etc.

Cutting the grass
If you know that guests will come to you, please cut the grass on the place or part of the places. We also recommend taking photos of the property when the grass is cut.

Inform your guests about other important information for them. For example, where they can get water, empty greywater or the contents of the toilet, where they take out the garbage. If you have these options on your property, guests will be even happier and you can charge higher prices.

Damage caused by a guest on the property
Guests are generally obliged to hand over the property in the condition in which they took it over. If the guest damages the property or its equipment, they are generally liable for the damage caused. Liability for damage may be covered by insurance in some cases. If a guest caused damage with their vehicle, it would generally be possible to claim third party insurance. Civil liability insurance is also quite common. This type of insurance is often part of a package under another insurance policy, such as household insurance or accident insurance. Civil liability insurance can generally be used in the case of damage caused in ordinary activities, including recreation – i.e. even in the case of damage to rented property. Therefore, guests are advised to consider the possibility of arranging appropriate insurance. Please note that the terms of specific insurance products may vary.

Damage to the guest's property
If the owner has not sufficiently ensured the adequate condition of their property and for this reason (e.g. a tree falling down, etc.) damage to the belongings or health of a guest or other person has arisen, the landlord can generally be responsible for the damage incurred. In this context, however, it should be emphasized that the owner is always responsible for the condition of their property – that is, regardless of whether they rented the property or not. It will always depend on the specific circumstances and in some cases the owner may release themselves from liability for damage. In general, if a tree falls down on its own, the property owner will relieve themselves from liability if they prove that they have not neglected proper supervision of the property (i.e. that they have properly inspected the property and that, for example, they cut down sick trees in a timely manner, etc.).

Reservation surcharges are used to easily handle the payment of money by the guest for agreed changes to the reservation, for example, more people, the use of electricity or other requirements that you agree between yourselves, but not for changes in the date or number of spots!

Caution - Do not apply reservation surcharges in the following cases:
  • If a guest wants to extend their stay
  • If a guest wants to increase the number of tents/caravans/motorhomes

In these cases, the guest must make a new reservation to block the corresponding spots in the calendar.

How surcharges work
Indicate the extra amount you'd like the guest to pay. This will increase the reservation price and the guest will be instructed to make the payment. If the guest doesn't pay the amount, we will contact you.

If the guest wishes to reschedule, they will contact us and we will adjust the reservation in the system. We always require the property owner's consent in the event of a change of date, so if it seems to you that the guest requires a change at the last minute, for example, you have the full right to refuse the change.

Now we will guide you step-by-step through your property registration.
Don't worry, it won't hurt. Enjoy a good cup of coffee during the process.

If you do not know what to do with any of the data,
just click on and you will see additional explanations.

Personal data

Please enter your personal data (property address in the next step)

Please do not include your contact details in any other fields. The guest will always receive your contact details after paying for the reservation.

Offered location

Please indicate where the place you are offering for rent is located:

Please find on the map the exact location of the entrance to the property:

Property information

Property type

Offer specification

The property is suitable for:
Number of places to rent:
The property offers:


(amenities available to the guests)

Suitable activities on the property and nearby

Prices and reservation options

Price per night

Please upload photos of your property and its surroundings

We recommend at least 3 photos, but the more, the better.

  • photos of the property (exactly what place you offer, where the caravan or tent will be)
  • photos of surroundings
  • photos of the access road (especially for caravans and motorhomes, this is important so that guests can see if they can get to the property safely)
  • Please describe the photos so that it is absolutely clear where the guest can camp

Click or drag and drop a photo

Additional rules for staying on the property

Just one more step!

The verification of the specified email address will now follow.
After pressing the button below, we will send you a verification email to learn the next steps.

Verification email sent

Thank you for filling in the details of your property.
Now, please check your email inbox to see if you have received a verification email. You will find further instructions there.

Thank you for registering your property

We have sent you instructions to set up the property in more detail by email.</br> You already have an account on, just log in.

Log in
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