Don't be packed in camps like sardines. Go wild camping With the consent of the property owner. In peace and®

Choose your destination

For wine

Taste and experience the romance of vineyards and wine cellars


Get to know the real countryside without embellishments and turn the tables.


You don't need a tent or caravan for a comfortable overnight stay on these properties

For cyclists

Tour de Best starting points for bike trips

For families

Choosing the best places for families with children. Children will not get bored here.

With swimming

Refresh yourself on the properties offering swimming options.

Magic camping

Our specially selected places where you'll experience the most beautiful camping in nature

With a view

Properties offering a great view


Properties with space for only 1 reservation.

For fishermen

Proven, exclusive places for fishermen.

Slovakia at our closest neighbours


With sauna or whirlpool bath on the property

Selected places

Pupek Pond

It is a meadow above the pond Pupek with one parking space so that pea...

Aerial farm near Svoboda

The Svoboda family compound in a quiet location near the airport remin...

Fajnplac - ponds with pond, place and caravan / Highlands

The picturesque place is located in a very quiet location below the vi...

Malý rodinný kemp

Ve stínu staletí starých dubů, na zelených terasách obklopených kamenn...

A pond in the landscape of Bohemian Meran

Come and try out the tiny house right on the pond embankment! A unique...

Hike under the forest

The land is located in a quiet, quiet recreational area where there ar...

Fruit drying plant U Hrbáčků - a piece of Wallachia like in the palm of your hand

Welcome to the new 2023 season. The drying room is now in its 5th seas...

Hrubý vrch near Vizovice

The orchard is located in a very quiet location below Hrubý vrch in th...

Cottage under Javornický hřeben

Retro cottage for adventurers and loners, or simply for those who want...

Zoopark Ship at Merlin's

We are a small zoo, which focuses on breeding some exotic species of a...

Herb meadow on Windy Hill

Levelled cut area covered by a thinner deciduous grove, with the torso...

Skrytín Chateau - an oasis of peace

The romantic Skrytín Chateau in the picturesque Bohemian Central Highl...

All places on the map

All places on the map

Rent your property

Rent your property
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