in the beginning there was nature, then came man...

Code of Conduct for Users

We want to protect nature, peace and good interpersonal relations, we want to maintain a quality service. is there for all decent and civilized people who just want to escape from the noise and negative impacts of civilization. Therefore, everyone who uses and travels to the properties of the owners must comply with this Code of Ethics. In the event of a serious breach, they may be excluded from the system and may receive a negative rating from the property owner. Nevertheless, we hope that you take these principles for granted.

Thou shalt not make noise

You will avoid noisy behaviour throughout your stay on the property and in its immediate vicinity, i.e. even during the day, and follow the rule on quiet hours. You are responsible for your entire group and any of your pets. You will not play loud music and will speak quietly so as not to disturb anyone around you. It is forbidden to use the service to organize mass celebrations and barbecues or to invite other friends (an exception may be granted). If you have an urgent need to party, is not for you!

Thou shalt not cause damage

Most properties are located in beautiful nature which needs to be protected. Be considerate of plants, animals and your surroundings. Follow the rules and regulations of local parks and areas.

Thou shalt not set it on fire

If you are allowed to start a fire on the property, you will only use the fire ring designated for this purpose. You will be in control of the fire at all times and extinguish it afterwards. Monitor the current situation in the area, if there is no ban due to drought, etc.

Thou shalt not get drunk

As with noise, it is inappropriate to consume excessive amounts of alcohol and then annoy others in the area or neighbours with your behaviour. Of course, sensible consumption of alcoholic beverages is possible, but if you harass others when drunk, you will be forced to leave the property without compensation. The Police of the Czech Republic may even be called and your entire group may have problems using our service in the future thanks to you.

Thou shalt not manure

Not every plot has a toilet and if you have to go, you have to go. However, it is strictly forbidden to leave your ‘creation’ lying on the ground in nature if you answer the call of nature. Follow the rules and use a shovel to dig a hole and then bury the ‘manure’ or take everything away with you, e.g. in a plastic bag.

Thou shalt not empty thy toilet

You will not empty the contents of a chemical toilet anywhere on the property. Only after agreement with the owner and into a place designated for this purpose. The same applies to waste water.

Honour your property owner and neighbour

Owners rent their properties not only for money, but also because they like to meet people, because they enjoy it and because they like to take care of their properties. They’ll love it when you thank them and rate their property after your stay. Renting properties is also a certain burden on interpersonal and neighbourly relations. Be considerate of the neighbours as if they were your neighbours at home. It’s nice to greet them and assure them of not causing any problems.

Thou shalt not bypass the system

We can operate the service and ensure its quality and functions thanks to the small fees we collect from the rent from the owner. It is therefore forbidden to try to negotiate with the owner ‘directly’ and to risk that you or even the owner will be blocked forever because of the apparent feeling of a few crowns saved.

Thou shalt clean up

When leaving, you will not leave anything on the property that does not belong there, i.e. you will take all garbage with you or throw it out in designated places.

Thou shalt understand

that the service is not a camp, nor a service for ‘the fancy ones’ looking for the luxury of a hotel. On the contrary, is based on humanity and ordinariness. Please understand that some things simply may not work as in a hotel and we will often solve most of any problems and shortcomings together with a decent and human approach. Because users love each other.


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