What is the exact address and coordinates of the property?

In order to protect property owners from raids by people who don't want to pay and hope that no one will notice them on the property, we disclose the exact address, GPS coordinates and description of the access road only to persons seriously interested in camping who have already reserved their dates (and the owner has approved the reservation if required). Nevertheless, the owner can check the accommodated persons on the property. All necessary data are sent by email and can be seen in the traveller's profile immediately after the reservation is approved. As you probably know, as we're passionate travellers ourselves and we created the campu.eu service, even for our needs, we constantly invest a lot of energy and funds in the service. In order to operate, maintain and improve the quality of this service for you, the service is subject to a fee. We finance it partly from small commissions from your accommodation from the owner. Therefore, if our service was circumvented, i.e. by contacting the owners directly, it would not only be immoral, but it would also mean blocking the traveller's account or the owner's account. We therefore believe that you understand these reasons and, on the contrary, your reservation will contribute to the operation of this quality service, which we strive for and do it for you with love.
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