Can I have a party - a barbecue with friends on the property?

No, this is also stated in our Code of Ethics - Code for Users. We understand that you want to have a good time and enjoy nature with your friends, but please understand that the whole service is built on the basis of absolute respect for tranquillity and nature. We all know that even a quiet conversation of a few friends can easily turn into a stormy and loud discussion (especially with the help of alcohol), which can be heard far and wide without the participants realizing it. Tranquillity is the basic gene - DNA - of We want to maintain the quality of the service for everyone. There may also be other users on the property who want to read a book during the day, sleep or relax in nature. And your activity (although you will try to be as considerate as possible) can annoy them. There are also the neighbours; even for them a visit of celebrating users can be a nuisance. You wouldn't like it if your neighbour had a party every day. Thank you for understanding this and enjoy the tranquillity and nature.

An exemption may be granted under certain circumstances:
1. You will inform the owner in advance about the intention to throw a party; see the function Ask
2. The owner must agree to this (but must inform and have the consent of the neighbours)
3. You rent the property only for yourself (check in the reservation and pay) or there will be an individual price determined by the owner through the system
4. Despite this consent, however, the other provisions of the Code for Users (nature protection, etc.) and, of course, the laws and local regulations also apply.

Quietly grilling sausages over a fire is okay :-)
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