Where can I drain greywater and the chemical toilet?

If you drive a caravan or motorhome, you're probably solving the problem of where to empty wastewater or the chemical toilet. If the property doesn't explicitly state that it is possible to empty greywater (water after showering, washing dishes, etc.) or the chemical toilet, emptying both is strictly prohibited and it is necessary to use other waste disposal options outside the given property, e.g. greywater can be emptied into the sewer, chemical toilet into the toilet at a petrol station.

Note that it's possible to empty water outside the sewer or other wastewater drains (e.g. on compost) only if you use eco-friendly detergents (shampoos, washing-up liquids, etc.), so we recommend using only these in caravans and motorhomes. We personally use detergents purchased e.g. on www.biooo.cz (after selecting the most eco-friendly ones). The same applies to chemical toilets; we recommend using only the green chemical, which is more eco-friendly and, unlike with the blue chemical, it's possible to empty such a toilet into ordinary septic tanks and, if necessary, it's possible to dig a hole in a remote place, empty the toilet there and cover the contents without harming the environment.
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