What about the toilet and water?

It is indicated for each property whether there is a toilet or water available. If you are travelling with your caravan, we assume that this is not an important question for you and your caravan is equipped with a chemical toilet and a water tank (if not, contact the property owner in advance whether it is possible to arrive without a toilet). Before arriving, prepare the toilet and a sufficient amount of water. Of course, it is forbidden to empty anything onto the property. If there is no toilet on the property or you don't have your own chemical toilet, it is necessary to be considerate and follow the rules!

It is strictly forbidden to leave any excrements on/around the property (and in general anywhere else). It is necessary to dig a reasonably deep cathole in a suitable place and then bury everything (this is, of course, only possible if there is a forest or meadow nearby) or take everything away, e.g. in a plastic bag. All with common sense and respect for other travellers and locals! If you consider this a problem, it is necessary to choose a property with a toilet.

If you travel only with a tent and the place is not equipped with a toilet, which will probably be a common situation in the wild, then follow these steps:

1. Try to answer the call of nature on the way, i.e. use restaurants, petrol stations, etc.

2. If you have to go during your stay on the property and there is no toilet available anywhere, please follow the principles of common sense and responsibility to nature and other people, i.e. do not relieve yourself on the property or near other dwellings, but go further into the countryside, try to dig a small cathole (we recommend having a trowel when hiking) or at least remove part of the ground. There are many useful organisms in the ground that will take care of everything effectively. Do you know that this is a more environmentally friendly form of toilet than comfortable, drinking water flushing toilets and expensive wastewater treatment plants? When you are in nature, you sort of become an ecologist.

Please don't leave your turds covered in toilet paper anywhere or throw away various wet wipes, tampons, condoms :-) etc. Take a plastic bag with you, think about others, about nature. The property owners will evaluate you after your stay, so if you behave like 'pigs', there is a high probability that this was your last stay.

Don't expect the same services as in a campsite. On the other hand, that's why you're travelling without a campsite, right?

More about the Leave No Trace approach:
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