What does the prohibition of circumvention mean?

We believe that most people are decent and we can proudly call them out the Campu.eu users, but unfortunately we also meet people trying to get round our system at all costs, just to save some money. These people damage both the whole concept of our service and other decent Campu.eu users. Although our service fee is very low and in some cases even symbolic, it is important to understand that it is only thanks to this fee that we can run and improve the service, which has already brought amazing experiences to thousands of you. So if you find someone who refuses to pay it, it's the same as shoplifting. We punish such activity severely. It is therefore prohibited to:

Such behaviour makes the operation of the service impossible and harms other Campu.eu users, as the entire service is based on absolute tranquillity and a limited number of groups on a property. People without reservations have nothing to do there. Therefore, if we find out about the circumvention of the service (we have procedures for this), we will be forced to prevent the person concerned from further using this service (we can recognize the identity based on several data including phone numbers, email addresses, card or account numbers, IP addresses, etc., creating a new account won't help in this case). If the owner commits this activity, their offer on campu.eu will also be suspended or cancelled.

Thank you for understanding this. The purpose of this text is not to frighten you, we are just trying to point out what is absolutely necessary for this service to work.
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