What is an (non)exclusive property?

The main idea of Campu.eu is about the possibility of escaping from the hustle and bustle to somewhere quiet. Most properties thus have strict restrictions on the maximum number of guests that can stay on the property in order to keep such tranquillity. You will always be alone on many properties. And if not, travelling to these properties is not anonymous and if someone violates the rules of Campu.eu, they are excluded from the service. Therefore, it is guaranteed that your neighbours will be, in the vast majority of cases, non-conflict oriented and friendly people who also seek tranquillity and nature.

Nevertheless, there are a lot of beautiful places that we have decided to include in the Campu.eu offer due to their uniqueness although they can't meet the condition of a limited number of groups and guests are anonymous (and so we can't guarantee the quality of the Campu.eu properties). Each such property is clearly marked and if you aren't interested in such properties, just ignore them. For other travellers, this can be a nice extension of the offer with interesting places. Even in these places there is a possibility of rating the properties, so carefully read the ratings from other Campu.eu users to know what to expect from such property and whether it's suitable for you. In the case of many negative ratings, we will remove such properties from the offer.

exclusive property
This property offers its entire capacity only on Campu.eu, it can't happen that there would be more guests on the property than the indicated capacity of the property. All guests must agree to the Terms and Conditions and the Code of Ethics. For these properties, we carefully monitor the quality, whether the presented property offer corresponds to reality, compliance with the rules, tranquillity and order. We will exclude problem guests or owners from the Campu.eu system in the event of repeated violations of the rules.

non-exclusive property
These properties offer part of its capacity outside the Campu.eu system, so other guests didn't have to agree to strict rules and the Code for Campu.eu Users. If you can see the capacity of the property, the owner is still obliged to adhere to that capacity. You can be sure that there won't be more vehicles or groups on site than presented. This typically means parking at the guesthouse where the owner reserved parking spaces for a few vehicles. Here, too, you can be sure of a limited number of guests and vehicles on the property.

non-exclusive property - stellplatz
A stellplatz is another type of property where the owner offers part of the capacity through the Campu.eu system. Here we don't specify the capacity of the property, it is usually a larger amount, typically 'if it fits it camps'. We offer these properties on Campu.eu even though it goes partly against the Campu.eu philosophy, i.e. tranquillity, solitude, privacy and escape to nature. However, as Campu.eu, we would like to provide all caravanners with a 'full service' in one place - that is, you can easily reserve your place on the stellplatz where you can service your car or meet multiple friends at once, which is sometimes not possible on the Campu.eu properties, also due to capacity.
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