At the Vltava Canal in Zelčín Zoopark

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28.23 €

28.23 €

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Mini-camp with direct view of the animal enclosures and paddocks in the Zelčín Zoopark, close to the Vltava Lateral Navigation Canal.

Your closest neighbours will be Nanda pampas, Mary Steppe and mini-rats. Just behind them, there is already a large contact enclosure with other animals:-).

Our price includes :
- flat and well-kept land, at the back of the zoo
- electricity
- the plot is enclosed by a fence and acacia trees for privacy
- water
- toilet and shower
- entrance to the contact part of the Zoopark (children always accompanied by an adult please)
- free access to the air trampolines and playgrounds
- 1 free ride for each child
- 200,- CZK discount for ordering our rafts (in advance)

Zoopark is visited by tourists mainly in the season, you have to take this into account. The place where you will camp is located at the back of the complex and is separated. From your tent or caravan you will walk only a few dozen metres and you will be standing in front of a new contact enclosure of over two hectares where we are building a 'Czech safari'. Our animals will greet you in the morning and say goodnight in the evening :-). From the other side you will see boats sailing on the Vltava Canal, so just walk a few steps to the mound and wave to the captains and call ahoy.

The land is big enough and allows large spacing for tents or cars. In the afternoon sun, the mature trees that grow in front of the lateral canal embankment provide shade. Electricity and water are included :-).

Zoopark Zelčín is the largest contact zoo in the Czech Republic focusing on breeding domestic animals (not only) with accompanying activities for leisure and for the whole family. We offer a lot of experiences, you can ride a horse, rent a goat, pig or rabbit on a leash and take it to your tent or caravan for grazing, you can rent a raft and float the Vltava River with the whole family and much more.

basic parameters
Free access to the property What does it mean?
The reservation is confirmed immediatelly after completing the payment. What does it mean?
The property is not exclusive to - we do not guarantee compliance with the rules What does it mean?
There is enough space for 10 individual reservation on the property. What does it mean?
You will receive the exact location after you complete the reservation, indicative map is below. Why?
The property owner contact information will be provided after the reservation. Why?

Discounts when staying more days:

5 - 9 nights: 5%

10 and more nights: 10%

toilet - Sanitary facilities located directly on the property.
drinking water - Rooster on u (our well , we drink it) water on the property about 50 yards away at the corner of the riding arena. We are preparing to have it right on the property. The regular water is in the stables or at the water tower on the farm. Alternatively, tell our people and we'll show you.
electricity - The connection is on the property. It is recommended to have an extension cable with you, approx. up to 50 -70 metres.
shower / washroom - A shower with hot water from a boiler (it may happen that hot water is not always available) is located directly on the property. No charge.
picnic table
campfire ring
Wastewater disposal
Greywater (shower, washing) - By agreement, water can be disposed of on the farm in our septic tank or sewer. However, we don't mind dumping the water next to the boat berth on the berth. Technically we don't mind an open drain from the car either, the loft will take it OK - unless you have a car gearbox in the shower for example :-). Just be sensible.
Chemical toilet - The chemical toilet can be disposed of on the farm in the septic tank (we will show you on site together with water for flushing), or you can use the toilet located in the first stall (the water hose is located 20 meters further on the right side of the wall - for example after closing time when there is no public), or in the morning.
The property is accessible even in winter / in the snow season
The property is easy to access even in bad weather

Our land is accessible at the border of the Zoopark, between Zelčín and Lužec n. Vltava. It's exactly where the boat dock is. A pier for boats. Turn and leave the pier on your left, drive about 300 meters (towards the bridge) along the navigation channel and you will come to the exit to the property (on the right - you will see the fence from the photos and the exit ). The path from the tarmac road is paved with basalt stones - always passable. Just need to go slower, swing :-). The exit to the property is smooth. Tested - cars 8m long and trailers. Up to the height without any problems. ( only if you come to us by CONCORD - let us know - what is on the truck chassis, we will let the inside, as usual).You can go to us even in winter, but as everywhere can be a complication more snow. But e.g. a peaceful New Year's Eve with animals is not a problem.

Restriction of the access road

Unrestricted travel up and down. Only on the left you have water :-). Don't turn there.


In the vicinity of the Zoopark there is a cycle path No. 7 Vltavská leading from South Bohemia to Germany along the natural riverbed of the Vltava River. If you don't come with your bike, you can rent a bike or scooter here.


There is a large number of Vltava pools in the area, the Vltava itself and our own pool on our property.


Skály near Kokořín and Hradsko. Climbing is allowed all year round in the defined polygons.

water sports

You can find a classic municipal swimming pool in Mělník or Cítov. There are also sandpits nearby (Baraba) and you can also swim in the Vltava River and the closest swimming is the Vltava Canal, which you have right next to you (you have to walk about 50 meters to the boat turnaround) or under the new bridge, which you have about 70 meters away. In the case of the canal, however, you have to be careful of the traffic. Swimming is at your own risk.

activities for kids

In the Zoopark there is a trampoline centre with 11 inflatable trampolines, a contact enclosure for children and animals. A popular activity with us is to rent a goat on a leash and go for a walk with it. But by prior arrangement we will allow you (especially children, for example) to take part in the morning chores on the farm (e.g. feeding the small animals we keep).


Within easy reach you will find a number of tourist destinations - the castles of Veltrusy and Nelahozeves, Mělník itself with its castle and winery. Nearby you will find the Říp mountain and the Kokořínské rocks with many hiking trails and attractions.In close proximity to the area, the Vrbno-Zelčín Nature Trail has been built.The trail is about 3.5 km long, it can be walked or ridden on scooters or bicycles.There are 13 stops on the trail, each of which will teach you something about our region, villages and the landscape of the confluence.

roller skating

Cycle path No.7 is asphalted in our part and is also used for roller skating. If you do not like to bring your skates, you can rent them from us.


Our pride is our herd of Fjord horses. We regularly take children (bicycles), by prior arrangement it is possible to ride around the area (for experienced riders and children with an escort) or ride in a carriage (must be booked in advance).

Other activities

In addition to the animals, you will also find a pub or refreshments in the Zoopark. During the year we also organize concerts or events for children. We can rent you a raft (order a day in advance) and you can float down the natural riverbed of the Vltava from Vraňany through the confluence of the Vltava and Elbe to Mělník (we will take you there, put you on board and bring you back). We will lend you everything. The route takes about 4 hours. There is always plenty of water and the possibility of swimming directly from the boat. For owners of their own boats, there is a possibility to launch your boat on the Vltava Canal ( we have the Hořín lock nearby). By prior arrangement (really in advance :-) ) and if it is within our possibilities, we will be happy to show you around the backstage area. You can see the pens with us, or how kangaroos live, or try to feed an ostrich (Emu).


The land is partly fenced. Towards the canal there is a steep embankment of the canal dam, then a dirt road follows. However, the site is very clear. It is not allowed to enter the animal pens without prior arrangement, or where it is allowed (contact paddocks). Children are only allowed near the animals when accompanied by parents/adults for safety reasons. The pens are also surrounded by electric fencing! Please keep dogs on a leash at all times when moving around the premises, dogs are not allowed to move freely (protection of our animals), do not enter the animal enclosures with dogs. And clean up after anything. Please respect where there is a no dogs sign (e.g. first stall). Always clean up after your pet. Do not feed the animals, each one has its own ration determined by the breeder. There are pellet dispensers located throughout the grounds. If you have hard, dried kibble, arrangements can be made with the staff in the stables. Alternatively, it can be deposited in the bin which is in the first stable on the farm. No problem, but you can let the children pick the grass and feed - the animals will notice you and come. Please respect that you are near the animals. And the animal wants to sleep at night like any normal person :-). Please only build a fire in a designated place on the property.It may happen that our dwelling will be on the property (if it is not reserved as a whole), as we are caravanners ourselves. So we would be happy to get to know you, possibly even give you a guided tour, and we certainly won't disturb you. Please pick up a small gift for the children, a trampoline ticket and a "ticket" for a horse-drawn carriage ride from the trampoline stand at the entrance to the Zoopark. That is, if we can't catch you personally when you arrive :-) The colleague at the ticket office will also give you identification so that we know you are ours and do not accidentally rush you out as a non-paying visitor. Cyclists - please don't go through the Zoopark, get on your way at the Bezkemp - on the road you came on, next to the Vltava Canal - you will go around the Zoopark on your bike. Please do not camp under the trees to the left of the entrance gate - even if the tree is pruned, you cannot trust the branches :-) !

Arrival from: 13:00
Departure until: 12:00
Can I come anytime?

campfire allowed
Be extremely cautios when starting a fire as there is a risk of fire due to long-term drought! Use only designated areas and remove all combustible materials from the reach of fire. Do not start a fire in windy weather. Please consult with the property owner, there may be a temporary fire ban in the area.
own grill allowed
parties and noise prohibited, please keep quiet also during the day More info
payment in cash and outside the reservation system is not possible More info
Visited personally by the team. Our comments:

We have personally visited this property multiple times and have always been very satisfied. We highly recommend it especially for families with children, who have so much to do here that they won't want to go home :-)We really like the fact that, by agreement, children can pet the animals, feed them and generally make friends with them. The facilities of the zoo are excellent, so nothing is lacking. There is even a shower, a very clean and well-maintained toilet. For caravanners, water refills, electricity hook-ups and the ability to pour chemical toilet and grey water. Lots of trips in the area. Well just for us paradise on earth near Melnik :-)

Ratings by guests
Where do the property ratings come from?

What the guests say about the property:
For families
For cyclists
To experience
15.6 - 16.6.2024 Jana říká:
When you have small children, it's a wonderful place for them for a year. We were very happy
14.6 - 16.6.2024 Tereza říká:
I rate positively, great activities for children, the price includes entry to the zoo even before and after opening hours, which is great. Confectionery, so you can bring a dessert with your coffee, plenty of space for all guests. Really quiet in the evening. The only thing I have to rate negatively is the cold water in the shower, as already mentioned. Which is a pity, otherwise the bathroom was always clean... For us I definitely recommend it, it's worth a visit ☺️
5.6 - 7.6.2024 Petr říká:
We have been again after a year, clean toilets and showers have been added in the meantime. Unfortunately, however, there was no hot water, which we would have expected for the price. It supposedly didn't even run 3 weeks ago. Otherwise though a lovely place that we would definitely recommend, but expect crowds at weekends and holidays, we were on our own during the week. Possibility of a fireplace, you can buy wood for 100Kč.
8.6 - 9.6.2024 Pavel říká:
Nice minicamp, you won't be alone. If you don't mind the company of other people, this is a place that is definitely worth a visit. There are lots of activities for children and adults, lots of animals. You can also find refreshments and something to eat in the zoo. The grounds are big enough, you can find a secluded spot if you want. In the evening it is wonderfully quiet with views of the animal enclosures. The staff at the zoo are very friendly.
24.5 - 26.5.2024 Michaela říká:
This is the second time we have been to the Zoopark and it is a great place for camping. Only this time we were unpleasantly surprised that there was only cold water in the shower and the water in the campsite intended for drinking contained pieces of something you really don't want to drink. So I recommend taking drinking water with you and walking all the way across the zoo grounds to the "stables" for a hot shower.
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