Fruit orchard on the border of Jeseniky Mountains and Haná Moravičany

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12.25 €

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We will be happy to welcome you with your caravan, camper or tent in the orchard behind our house on the outskirts of the village Moravičan where will be just for you prepared, mowed, flat plot of about 3500 m2 which will give you a quiet view of the surroundings, sitting under the vines in the summer splash in the pool or taste the fruits of the orchard in both solid and liquid state in organic quality. In our vicinity you will find many activities with beautiful nature, a wide network of cycle paths with the possibility of visiting the Litovel Pomoraví Protected Landscape Area, Moravičanské Lakes, or the Mohelnicko micro-region, or the Zábřežská vrchovina.

If you are not into hiking, there are also sights to see, such as Bouzov Castle, Mírov Castle or Úsov Castle. For gourmets in nearby Loštice Olomoucké tvarůžky and their museum of production of this delicacy, or we highly recommend a visit to the café at Liška Bystrouška or Tvarůžková pastry shop, where you can taste very interesting desserts.

In our village we have a great pub at Bodlák where you can eat and drink deliciously and have ice cream on tap for more.

Even though we are not in a secluded spot by the forest, it is still beautiful. In the evening you can enjoy the view of the countryside or the sunset over the horizon. Our property is suitable for everyone, including families with children who do not like to be bored and spend their free time actively. We can lend you a free barbecue for children balls, bambiton or electronic darts.
basic parameters
It is necessary to arrange the time of arrival with the property owner to enable the access to the property. What does it mean?
The reservation is confirmed immediatelly after completing the payment. What does it mean?
There is enough space for 4 individual reservation on the property. What does it mean?
You will receive the exact location after you complete the reservation, indicative map is below. Why?
The property owner contact information will be provided after the reservation. Why?
toilet - Cadybudka with a heart at the end of the orchard with possible views over the countryside.
drinking water - We have 2 drinking water taps on the property, right at the camping site, each of which can be connected directly to caravans or motorhomes.
electricity - We have long enough lines :-) no problem to bring a caravan, tent or camper right in front of you. Newly built 2x3 sockets with sufficient capacity directly at the camping site.
shower / washroom - Spacious enough, solar shower with possible view of the landscape. However, we are not responsible for the water temperature. :-)
picnic table
swimming pool
campfire ring
Wastewater disposal
Greywater (shower, washing) - Gray water can only be discharged into a control manhole or septic tank at our house. If you use environmentally friendly detergents, this is by agreement to a designated place.
Chemical toilet - The contents of the chemical toilet can only be discharged into the control manhole or septic tank at our house.
The property is accessible even in winter / in the snow season
The property is easy to access even in bad weather

The access road to the camping site is half paved with a paved road (interlocking paving) and the other part is a grassed area. During the winter months, in poorer weather, the second half of the driveway may be difficult to drive on during prolonged snowfall and thunderstorms, so please check in advance. It is easily passable for cars and caravans in spring, summer and autumn. For motorhomes, in bad weather, the personal presence of the owner is important, due to the higher weight of motorhomes it is necessary to put solid pads under the vehicle when parked, which we have :-).


A wide network of cycle paths Litovelke Pomoraví, Microregion Mohelnicko taste Moravia on a bike. for the whole route see link


Moravičan Lake , Morava River

water sports

In the summer we have a large above-ground swimming pool in the garden, but if it was not enough Loštice is an outdoor pool and in Mohelnice indoor pool, who likes natural swimming so about 1.5 km from us is a beautiful Moravičanské lake with clean water without people, you can also use the natural swimming pool in Litovel or in Náklu

activities for kids

For children we can rent bats, balls or darts, nearby is the municipal playground, transport playground in Mohelnice (4 km) ZOO Olomouc 30 km.For boys and girls, the Mladějov Industrial Museum - a museum on the premises of the former chamotte factory in Mladějov in Moravia and see the collection of narrow-gauge industrial locomotives, historic motorcycles, excavators and bulldozers, tractors and other agricultural and construction equipment, as well as period carriages. ( Distance approx. 30 Km )


Our region has countless hiking trails. Litovelké Pomoraví, Microregion Mohelnicko, Bouzovsko, Úsovsko.

roller skating

The Moravičany-Mohelnice cycle path is widely used, for beginners on our access road.


In nearby Žadlovice there is an equestrian club where horses are bred and various equestrian competitions are held, for example the Golden Horseshoe. If you want to ride a horse, you can arrange a tour of the stables in the nearby Ryzaček Riding Club in Vyšehorky, where they also provide hypnotherapy.

Other activities

Are you active paddlers ? then you can rent a boat and go down the Morava River in the nearby shipyards.


Fires and barbecues are allowed, but only if it is not dry.
In case you do not have your own grill, we will lend it to you for free, if you want to roast sausages and iron forks we have, wood for grilling we provide, but only for a fee of 100Kč payment on the spot. Your own grill is allowed.

Please do not pour grey water and chemical toilets into the dry toilet, the same goes for rubbish such as wet wipes etc.

Sorted waste plastic, paper etc can be taken to the collection yard in the village which is open to the public.
Organic waste can be thrown on our compost heap by arrangement.

Pets are allowed, but only well-behaved pets that obey our word, because we let our chickens out to graze and we don't want them to get hurt.

It is possible to pick ripening fruit in advance by agreement with the owner.

Please do not feed the hens.

Our land is a private place and only people who have a reservation and paid rent in advance are allowed on the land, it is not possible to invite visitors to the land without prior agreement with the owner.

Please follow the Bezkempu code of ethics strictly.

Arrivals and departures can be arranged individually, depending on whether the place will be occupied (reserved) by others before or after you. If not, you can stay longer or arrive earlier.

Thank you for following our rules.

Arrival from: 14:00
Departure until: 10:30
Can I come anytime?

campfire allowed
Be extremely cautios when starting a fire as there is a risk of fire due to long-term drought! Use only designated areas and remove all combustible materials from the reach of fire. Do not start a fire in windy weather. Please consult with the property owner, there may be a temporary fire ban in the area.
own grill allowed
parties and noise prohibited, please keep quiet also during the day More info
payment in cash and outside the reservation system is not possible More info
Visited personally by the team. Our comments:

Moc pěkné místo na bezKempování. Pravidleně sekáno a udržováno a je to znát. Přijezd je z asfaltové komunikace a bez problémů. My jsme na pozemku byly už na podzim a půda pevná, dobře utažené takže zapadnutí asi jen tak nehrozí. Dobrým bonusem je možnost připojení na elektřinu, výlevky, pitná voda k dispozici. V létě přijde vhod i bazén. Za nás super místo s výborným zázemím na pozemku.

Ratings by guests
Where do the property ratings come from?

What the guests say about the property:
For cyclists
For families
With swimming
14.6 - 17.6.2024 Miroslav říká:
Beautiful, quiet, clean and tidy place, we could pick cherries.
13.6 - 15.6.2024 Simona říká:
We were greeted at the property by a very kind and helpful owner. He explained everything, showed us around and gave us tips on local attractions. The land is beautifully landscaped and flat. Both the bathhouse and the shower were really clean. You can see that the owner enjoys it and that is why everything is top notch. For us, this is a magical place that we recommend with all ten.
7.6 - 9.6.2024 Michal říká:
Very nicely landscaped and equipped plot. It is obvious that this is a hobby and hobby for the owner of the land. The owner is friendly and sympathetic with a good disposition... I definitely recommend it...
31.5 - 2.6.2024 Jiří říká:
Cool place. Lots of space all around. The landlord has everything worked out to the last detail, including the chicken run on wheels. From the nearby area we can recommend Bouzov Castle and Javoříč Caves.
24.5 - 26.5.2024 Ivana říká:
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