Loučeň - foresters' lodge

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Wooden backwoods hut for overnight and stay for those who do not carry their own roof over their head and bed. There are two beds and two wide wooden benches.
basic parameters
It is necessary to arrange the time of arrival with the property owner to enable the access to the property. What does it mean?
The property owner must confirm the reservation. What does it mean?
The property is designated for 1 reservation. What does it mean?
You will receive the exact location after you complete the reservation, indicative map is below. Why?
The property owner contact information will be provided after the reservation. Why?
toilet - Kadibudka wide on the sprawling Red Right
na pozemku není pitná voda What to do?
picnic table
campfire ring
pozemek není vhodný na zimní pobyt
The property is accessible even in winter / in the snow season
The property is easy to access even in bad weather

The exit from the property to the road is along a grassy path up a slight hill. It may slip slightly when wet.


Forests far and wide and more or less flat

water sports

There are some nice ponds in the area. The nearest one for swimming is Dubnický Pond


Forests all around.


The rental price is valid for up to 4 persons. If you want to use the hut for events with a larger number of people, it is necessary to agree on the conditions in advance !!!

Arrival from: 13:00
Departure until: 12:00
Can I come anytime?

campfire allowed
Be extremely cautios when starting a fire as there is a risk of fire due to long-term drought! Use only designated areas and remove all combustible materials from the reach of fire. Do not start a fire in windy weather. Please consult with the property owner, there may be a temporary fire ban in the area.
own grill allowed
parties and noise prohibited, please keep quiet also during the day More info
payment in cash and outside the Campu.eu reservation system is not possible More info
Ratings by guests
Where do the property ratings come from?

23.11 - 26.11.2023 Zdeněk říká:
For those of us who are addicted to overhangs, it's a luxury. Plenty of space in the hut, usable beds, benches, tables, chairs and above all a working big stove. We could make as much wood as we needed, and the necessary functional tools were in the shed. Barrels filled with water and hooked up to the sink, downright pampering from the owner. Not to be left out was the advertised tub. Clean, properly set back from the shed, room for big guys, what more could you ask for :-)
Thanks to the owner for his helpfulness, the stay was not a mistake. Just a warning to our followers, it's not really a guest house, but if you dare to go in winter, you will definitely enjoy it.
On behalf of the participants Zdeněk Malý
24.3 - 26.3.2023 Petr říká:
Very nice place. Beautiful forest and peace. Although the land is located close to the road, but one quickly gets used to it...
19.11 - 20.11.2022 Jiří říká:
Super camping, inside the cottage stove, which definitely came in handy when it was below freezing outside. Wooden cabin with tools and equipment, beautiful nature around, great 🙂
16.9 - 18.9.2022 Jan říká:
All right. The cottage is by the road with traffic that dies down around 23h. In the surroundings beautiful forests and ponds.
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Rules for stays with dogs

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