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The Ranch offers a quiet and cozy, yet fully equipped space. You will find a fire pit, wifi, solar shower, 2 dry toilets and 12V electricity (only for charging cell phones). Horse riding can be arranged on site (even for those who have never ridden a horse). The zoo will certainly appeal to children, who can spend as much time as they want with the animals under the supervision of their parents. For a symbolic fee, you can buy pellets for the animals and feed them by hand - a great experience not only for children. Children can also have fun on our trampoline or at the local swimming pool, which is free of charge. There are also countless excursions to the hills of the Bohemian Central Highlands, with or without ruins, to the vineyards adjacent to the ranch area, where you can discover the old Jewish cemetery, or you can arrange a tour of the local church, the tomb of Countess Ulrika von Lewetzov and a peek into the ossuary.If you choose the option : we want to be on the property alone, it is only a space for tents or caravans. Visitors to the farm or guests staying in a cabin or caravan can still be on the property.The cabin can be booked here:
basic parameters
It is necessary to arrange the time of arrival with the property owner to enable the access to the property. What does it mean?
The property owner must confirm the reservation. What does it mean?
95% reservations confirmed recently. The average response time is 12 minutes.
The property is not exclusive to - we do not guarantee compliance with the rules What does it mean?
There is enough space for 2 individual reservation on the property. What does it mean?
You will receive the exact location after you complete the reservation, indicative map is below. Why?
The property owner contact information will be provided after the reservation. Why?

Discounts when staying more days:

3 - 4 nights: 5%

5 - 9 nights: 7%

10 and more nights: 10%

toilet - 3 dry toilets
drinking water - Drinking water is available in the kitchenette in a barrel for drinking and cooking.
electricity - Only for charging mobile phones and similar low-power devices, electricity is provided on the property only from solar panels and charging is only possible via USB cable.
shower / washroom - The shower is solar only - so it can only be used when it is warm. It is a bag with water and a shower hose in the open area of the ranch, or you can use water from the cubic tank for a light wash.
picnic table
campfire ring
Wastewater disposal
Greywater (shower, washing) - the grey water can be poured into the field.
The property is accessible even in winter / in the snow season
Access to the property may be difficult in rainy weather

In the winter, access to the property is only OK if it is a drier winter - frozen. In the event of snow, you could have a problem with the motorhome. In the event of snow (we never get much of it), a combination of 4x4 and caravan or motorhome with chains will not be a problem.


There are ponds in the village - it is necessary to arrange with someone! I am not a fisherman and I do not know how it works, but illegal fishing is under fine...


Nearby towards Ústí nad Labem - ferrata Lužická spojka.

winter sports

40 min by car from the ranch is the ski area Klíny (Ore Mountains)

water sports

There is a free public swimming pool right in the village, about 10 min walk from the ranch.

activities for kids

We are in the Bohemian Central Highlands, so hiking is very popular here. You can choose from a really large number of hills, ruins of castles...


Horseback riding or training can be purchased at the ranch. ride 10 min... 200,- CZK30 min ................ 400,- CZK60 min ................ 550,- CZK


Sudovou saunu až pro 4 osoby lze využít za poplatek.
90 min stojí 500 pro 2 osoby.

Other activities

As our guests you have unlimited access to the zoo among the animals, you just need to make sure that none of them escape and respect the ban on feeding your own food. You can buy suitable food or carrots in the shop... Trampoline - right on the ranch


Please always let me know in advance what time you will arrive.Thank you. Dogs should be on a leash and must be cleaned up after.

Arrival from: 14:00
Departure until: 11:00
Can I come anytime?

campfire allowed
Be extremely cautios when starting a fire as there is a risk of fire due to long-term drought! Use only designated areas and remove all combustible materials from the reach of fire. Do not start a fire in windy weather. Please consult with the property owner, there may be a temporary fire ban in the area.
own grill allowed
parties and noise prohibited, please keep quiet also during the day More info
payment in cash and outside the reservation system is not possible More info
Visited personally by the team. Our comments:

A beautiful place full of animals. It is possible to ride a horse or feed the animals by hand (goats, sheep or llamas), a complete balm for the soul. Great for children.

Ratings by guests
Where do the property ratings come from?

What the guests say about the property:
To experience
For families
28.6 - 29.6.2024 Jitka říká:
Beautiful quiet place amongst the animals, we were only here for one night but would love to return sometime.
29.6 - 30.6.2024 Pavel říká:
Ideal for camping with children. Dry toilet without smell and even with the possibility of washing hands. Drinking water in a barrel with a tap at the table with a bench, under the crumb. Fireplace, firewood ready. Quiet place, right next to the ranch, where children can see the horses and by agreement even ride, but it is probably necessary to book in time. Shower was in the ranch area. Great satisfaction.
29.6 - 30.6.2024 Milan říká:
A beautiful place among horses and other animals. The site is sloping, but we eventually got the caravan level. Access after rain can be difficult. Ready fire pit, clean caddy, owners replenish drinking and utility water. Owners nice and helpful. I recommend a tour of the local church with the churchman - a super experience and interpretation even for children. Nearby (10 minutes) is a swimming pool - cold but pleasant. Nearby is a site where you can dig for garnets in the stream.
15.6 - 16.6.2024 Michal říká:
A nice meadow next to the horses, with a fireplace and benches, overlooking the Bohemian Central Highlands
8.6 - 9.6.2024 Veronika říká:
Our first camping-free and absolutely great. Prepared wood, utensils , barrel with drinking and utility water, clean and fragrant bathhouse. Swing for the kids, sand toys, tree to climb and of course animals in the petting zoo.
The only small thing is the slightly sloping site, Aly we were there alone so we found a relatively flatter place to pitch our tent.
Special thanks to the staff member Honz, you can tell he really likes his job.
Thank you and see you sometime 🙂
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